I predict I'll now do a lot less Mountain Biking

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I just bought myself a Suzuki Sierra, so now when I want to go out bush, I can get an engine to do
the work for me.

Hey, I can ride DOWNHILL without ever having to RIDE UP first. I can DRIVE up the mountain and RIDE
DOWN it (though I'll need an infinite supply of vehicles if I intend to keep doing this, or someone
else to drive back down)

So from 6 foot tall, and just 80Kgs, I'll soon spread out to a huge fat lazy mother, from driving

They said - based on my diet of sweets, and junk - that I'd start getting fat at 25. When it didn't
happen, they said it would happen when I got married, when that didn't happen they said I'd get fat
at 30, then they said at 35, now they are saying it will happen at 40. Well this time they might be
right... if I stop riding and start driving.

But in reality, I doubt I could stand being off the bike for long. I just love to ride.

Not open for further replies.