I say we should give him what's owed. - was Re: RE6C64



What better way to get even with a child pornography distributor than to
use his 1-year-old baby daughter for an identity theft project, or even
making a "friendly" phone call to his home at 3:00 AM ?


Michael Edwin Horwath, fired from Winternet for incompetence, presently earns a living selling
access to a server that distributes pirated software, pirated music, pirated videos and child
pornography. Horwath resides with his wife Aileen Horwath (formerly known as Aileen Karen Goodrich)
and their daughter, who was born in 2002 and is also named Aileen, at 1901 Sumter Avenue North,
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427. The home phone number of this titillating trio is (763) 540-6815.


Horwath is presently doing business under the name "Redundant Networking Corporation" at 15 South
5th Street, Suite 1150, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402. Fortunately he's only a child pornography
distributor and not an international leader, so Horwath doesn't worry too much about receiving
letter bombs even after the Pentagon, in junction with the FBI and CIA, increased the United States
terrorist threat level.

He's also employed as a tech for Vector Internet Services, Inc. ("VISI") located at 12 South 6th
Street, Suite 630, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402,
(612) 395-9000.



Show your appreciation for the child pornography distributors of today by letting Mike Horwath and
Aileen Horwath know how much you care.

A photo of baby Aileen Horwath and her toe tag # 902-02-4328 appears at the site, along with a map
to Mike Horwath's house in case you're in the area and plan on making an "unexpected" visit!


"I walked into the office of Winternet about 12:45 PM. When I entered my office, I was surprised to
find Kevin Mathison digging through my desk, a definite break of any trust I had for him. I told him
that I wanted to meet with Mr. Frankowski and him as soon as possible. Mr. Mathison, Mr. Frankowski,
Jim Nelson (from MinnNet) and myself went down to the conference room to talk. As soon as Kevin
started talking, I decided I needed a lawyer present. I stated so and walked out of the room. As I
walked back into the Winternet offices, Mr. Mathison tells me that I am fired, in front of Chad
Trost and the Winternet staff members. I contested his firing by explaining that no board meeting
had occurred and his statement back was that it did not matter, that I was fired."

-- [email protected] (Mike Horwath)




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