I think I have soved my problem with my Flight Deck!!!!!


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Oct 24, 2001
I had a post a while ago where I asked what solution to inadvertadly pressing both buttons or pressing the start/Stop button while gripping the hoods of STi levers. I think I have solved the problem by slipping a O-ring of suitable size into the hood. I now have to conciosly press the left hand button to Zero info form the last ride or to start and stop functions. It came to me during those long hours on the road where you think a lot. I wanted to place a cap on the outside and had elaborate ideas to make a cast of the hood and mouls a little cap!!!!!...sometimes the answer to a problem is so simple.

Hope this helps soeone else.

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!

Big H


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May 2, 2002
I never have that problem with my Flightdeck because my hands are not so far forward on the hoods. I tried riding with my hands placed in a position where I'm close to the buttons and it's terribly uncomfortable.


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Jun 24, 2003
Hi big_h,

Great idea!

I installed my new Flight Deck bike computer last Saturday and I love it, except for one very annoying detail. I keep hitting the start/stop button which causes me to lose trip data - very irritating !!

I have been on 3 rides with the Flight Deck, and each time, I stop the Trip functions and lose trip data. This happens usually when climbing out of the saddle while I grip the STI hoods - exactly as you describe.

I was hoping that there was a user mode which allowed the trip data to start automatically when the wheels were turning (start/stop disabled, except for the lap function) but it looks like that is not the case.

As an alternative, I was going to insert a cap inside the hood, preventing me from hitting the button. Of course, I need to remove and re-insert the cap to start/stop the computer on each ride - not very pleasant :-(

Your idea of an O-ring sounds like the best alternative. I will give it a try.

Thanks for sharing your ideas!!! :)

I joined this Forum today in the hopes of finding an answer to this problem.



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Jun 23, 2003
Your thumbs are too big. ;)

I've never accidently hit the buttons. Maybe you could try keeping your index finger on the brake lever. It would keep your hand far enough to avoid the button.

BTW, I really like the FlightDeck. Coming from an hybrid with gear indicators on the shifters, I can't imagine riding without knowing which gear I'm in.