I wanna race in central Europe...


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Mar 16, 2003
Hi all,
I have been looking for a European team to race with for whole spring and it's been more than difficult. So I'm trying to get some contacts with this way...

I'm one of the best U23 road riders in Finland. Last year I was 6th at national champs and 2001 I was 4th in same race. I have been riding some races all over the Europe with Finnish national team every season but that's not enough for me. So if there's any members or directeur sportifs from European teams who are interested to take very willing rider to their team please contact me very soon ([email protected]). I'm planning to race in period of 22.3.-22.4. and I can come to races within a week or even sooner.
What I would like to have from the team is only a cheap (or free)
place to live, some pasta and help with racing. Maybe if the team has big resources all help is welcome.
What I have for the team is only strong head and legs.
Please let me know...