i want to buy a new mountain bike i found santa cruz blur lt mountain bike but there are No pedals i

Kamolesh Mondal

New Member
Jul 12, 2011
i checked over 3 to 4 reviews on the bike on every review i saw no pedals on the bike ,means how can i ride the bike without pedals
My guess is that you buy pedals for it. Some cyclist like to choose their own brand or style of pedals.
FYI. Inexpensive pedals come with bikes from WalMart, Target, etc ...

Sometimes, bike shops provide inexpensive plastic platform pedals with some bikes ([COLOR= #808080]e.g., the lower end bikes in their inventory may come with pedals because, I suppose, the manufacturer provides them[/COLOR]) ...

BUT, with the majority of the better bikes ([COLOR= #808080]and, the Santa Cruz Blur would be in that category[/COLOR]) where the frame is often sold separately and the rest of the components ([COLOR= #808080]e.g., fork, seatpost, wheels, etc[/COLOR]) added to it, the pedals are amongst the components which the buyer chooses ...

That is, the potential buyer buys the pedals separately ...

  • While SHIMANO SPD/[COLOR= #808080]-compatible[/COLOR] pedals are the de facto standard for MTBs, there are other brands which some people prefer ...

So, look at a website like Nashbar.com to get a sense of the range of pedals which are available ...

And, buy whichever bike strikes your fancy + the pedals ([COLOR= #808080]and, shoes + helmet, etc.[/COLOR]) which work for you.

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