IBEX Ignition-2 FS MTB w/disc brakes?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by B Yen, May 13, 2003.

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    [ Based on comments here & some feedback at the LBS, I returned the Mongoose Revolution I got for
    $110. I'm willing to spend $$ for quality ]

    I'm looking for a F/S mtbike in the $500 range.

    I test rode a Mongoose Wing Elite (Pro) at a local bike shop. See:

    They are selling it for $449. For $150 more ($599), there is the Mongoose Wing Pro


    I saw a good review for the IBEX Ignition-2, see


    Strengths: Great customer service, attention to detail obvious. Weaknesses: May need some adjustment
    out of the box. No big deal. Similar Products Tried: None. New to sport. Bike Setup: Judy TT100
    Front, DNX rear shock, shimano-alivio/deore drivetrain, alex rims
    w/ kenda tires. Tektro Disc brakes. Bottom Line: Very good components for the price, great style and
    finish. If your looking for an entry level full susp bike thats less than $500 bucks this is it
    dudes. Took 2-3 foot drops w/ no prob (I weigh 170) Pretty light also.(34lbs?)Shifts and rides
    way...........WAY better than my hunk 'o' junk Vertical. (target bike) I will review again after
    I run it through some more ruff stuff. So far I give it 2 5's

    Strengths: frame looks strong, rugged single pivot design, good components - Alivio/Deore, mech.
    disk brakes, rapidfire shifters, double wall rims, actually a good seat (something you don't always
    find on a budget bike), Weaknesses: Judy TT seems pretty limited on travel, but everyone should know
    this is a budget fork. Similar Products Tried: Diamondback Ascent EX, Cannondale F400, Schwinn Mesa
    GSX (a good one before they went bankrupt). Bike Setup: Stock - Alivio front derailleaur, Alivio
    Rapidfire shifters, Alivio cranks, Deore rear derailleaur, Tektro IO mech disk brake, my only
    upgrade - RockShox Psylo XC fork. DNM rear shock came with 750 lb spring - nice. Bottom Line: I've
    been looking around ebay and the local bike shops for a budget full suspension bike. I wanted a new
    bike, not used, and I didn't want to spend $700-$800. I have been running with Acera/Alivio on my
    Schwinn for 3 years and have had no problems, its good dependable stuff. The local shops, including
    Supergo and Jaxs, didn't have much under $700, mostly closeouts on 02 models. I saw IBEX on ebay and
    checked their website, nice layout. The Ignition series is new this year and speced similarly to
    Giant Warp DS1 or DS2, also similar to lots of other bikes like K2, GT I Drive 5, Trek...Lots of
    bike with Judy TT, Alivio/Deore. But then add the disk brakes and rapidfire shifters, under $600 and
    the list shrinks to IBEX. Go read the reviews on the Specialized Hard Rock UNO, everyone is raving
    about that bike. I saw one at JAXS and I was not impressed. Its NOT the same frame as the
    Rockhopper, components are way down the food chain, and it costs at at least $550 for an 02 model.
    So I decided to give IBEX a shot. I emailed a couple questions about frame geometry and got a
    response within a few hours. I ordered on and was notified I would receive it the following
    Thursday. Thursday UPS rolled up with the bike. So far so good. Opened the box, pulled it out and
    put the front tire, handlebars, and pedals on. Almost done - went to put the seatpost in and it was
    too big! It looked like it would go, but it didn't want to and I didn't want to bust the seat tube
    by shoving the wrong sixe post into it. I emailed a disgruntled consumer note to IBEX and thought
    about going and buying another post. Then I get a phone call from Jack at IBEX and he said the post
    was the correct size, cuz he just went out to thwe warehouse and unpacked one and it fit. So I say
    thanks alot and go and get thast seatpost and shove it in. Pretty tight at first, but I sprayed some
    WD on it and it eventually loosened up OK. Talk about customer service, I'm impressed. So now about
    the bike. I had to adjust the front derailleaur a bit, and turn the barrel dajustment on the rear to
    get it shifting really crisp. Rode around the block jumping curbs and I noticed the DNM rear shock
    was a lot plusher and smoother than the front. That's the Judy TT thing. I happen to have a Psylo
    that I bought on closeout, so I took it off my Schwiin and put it on the IBEX. Rode around the
    block, OK, this is pretty sweet. I went down by the railroad tracks and ran over all the rocks,
    gravel, ruts and bunps I could find - nice ride. I put about a dozen miles on it and it was a blast,
    nice bike. Great bike for $500. I'll post another review when I put lots more miles on it.

    IBEX seems to be as competitive or more than the above 2 Mongoose's. I need some feedback from
    experienced mtb'ers.


    Key Features:

    7005 Aluminum Frame w/ Bi-Oval Down-tube Rock Shox Judy TT Suspension Fork 24-Speed Shimano
    Alivio/Deore Drivetrain w/ Rapidfire Shifters Alex D/W Disc Rims & Kenda K-857 Tires Tektro
    Disc Brakes

    This bike rocks! The 2003 IBEX Ignition-2 features our latest all aluminum full-suspension frame
    design with full cartridge bearing pivots and an extremely nice component selection including quick
    stopping Tektro Io Disc Brakes. The 24-speed drivetrain is full Shimano with Alivio Rapid-fire
    shifters, crankset, and front derailleur while the rear derailleur is upgraded to Shimano Deore. In
    the suspension department we use a Rock Shox Judy TT front suspension fork with 100mm travel matched
    to a tunable DNM DV-22 rear shock. The wheels are disc-specific Alex TD-17 rims on Formula disc hubs
    mounted with aggressive Kenda K-857 tires. The frame uses precisely shaped 7005 tubing including a
    custom bi-oval down-tube and hexagonal structural members. The full suspension design and perfectly
    matched wheelset combine for off-road capability far beyond expectations. The Ignition's overbuilt
    chassis makes it a great pick for aspiring Freeriders and Downhillers on a budget. Its Alivio
    drivetrain is designed for on-the-spot performance and long term durability. Really aggressive
    riders will find added confidence in the Ignition's bombproof feel and solid responsiveness. On top
    of all this, the Tektro Io Disc Brakes are about the coolest thing you'll ever see on any bike for
    under $500. Put it all together and you've got one really fine bike that's within easy reach.

    MSRP: $650.00 Direct Price: $469

    Other alternatives:

    - Mongoose 2002 (or 2003) Solution

    Fork Type: Rock Shox Judy TT Rear Derailleur: Shimano Alivio

    ( Iknow the 2002 models were being blown out for $199 a few months back. The 2003 model is on sale
    for $349 thru Saturday)

    - Mongoose Inferno


    Fork Type: Rock Shox Judy TT Rear Derailleur: Shimano Altus

    What about frame designs (incl how rear suspension design) of all the above bikes? Does one design
    stand out as better?

    I'm also tempted by the Diamondback Topanga Comp Disc (hard-tail)


    It's $499 at SportChalet, & the feedback I'm getting is that it's a lot bang-for-buck.

    TOPANGA COMP DISC Vectra 7005 Aluminum Frame, OS ZeroStack w/ "D" Gusset RockShox Judy TT Front
    Suspension Fork, MCU/Coil w/preload 100mm Travel 27 Speed Shimano Drivetrain Shimano M475 Mechanical
    Disc Brakes

    I took the grand tour of local bike shops: Trek, Klein, Fisher, Kona, Marin, Cannondale,
    Specialized. I simply can't afford high end FS bikes $800 & up. I just need something decent for
    off-roading & some street use.


  2. Buck

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    "B Yen" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...
    > [ Based on comments here & some feedback at the LBS, I returned the
    Mongoose Revolution I
    > got for $110. I'm willing to spend $$ for quality ]
    > I'm looking for a F/S mtbike in the $500 range.

    A full-suspension mountain bike in that price range is likely to be junk. Alright, so might be able
    to find a used one for that price, but a new one will be heavy, have cheap shocks and low-end
    components. While the third might not be so bad, the first two will make your off-roading experience
    unpleasant at best.

    At that price point, you can get some nice hardtail mountain bikes. They will be lighter, have a
    nicer fork, and will have upgraded components. A suspension fork should be more than just a spring
    in a tube. Look for something that has adjustable preload and oil damping. Adjustable rebound is
    nice too, but may be out of reach at that price point. Overall, a $500 hardtail will be a much nicer
    ride than a $500 full-suspension. Just keep in mind that we were off-roading with no suspension not
    that long ago!

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