iBike Pro III and Polar CS600X - new opinions


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Aug 12, 2006
I know there are long threads about Polar CS600, and less long treads about iBike. But, I am interested to hear newer experiences and opinions.

Since last year I have a PT2.4, and find that even without fancy targeted training etc. Just the TSS, IF and FTP tracking is a great training motivaiton tool. So, I'd like to get something for my wife, but don't want to spend the price of a PT. (europe+650c wheels means 'picking up a PT pro on ebay for cheap' is not possible).

Which options are good to just get TSS, IF and FTP tracking as a training motivation?

iBike talks about generaion III, and has several models. It seems to me that they are same physical unit with different firm-ware loaded? Which model should one get, experiences issues etc?
Their website mentions an accessory that allow using it with turbo-trainer - how does that work?

Polar has updated CS600 with CS600X - any improvements? Or does this mean good time to get a discounted CS600 'old model'?
I remember a thread mentioning problems on indoor trainer - is that still so?
It also seems fiting is tricky. Would you think it can fit on a 44cm frame with 650c wheels and triple crankset?