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[email protected] (John) wrote
> How to bike in the winter. Check out this link.

Those pix just show a few of the amazing machines at the event. We had about 40 riders despite a
high temp of 10F and 15-20 mph winds.

There was much weird machinery this year. 3 IdidaBikes w/4" wide tires, a Zem, and a 1897 Tinkham
upright fixed gear trike, a clone of the Hannebrink Extreme Terrain but with even bigger tires, my new ice scooter and many others.

BTW the scooter, Ron Cooper's "Ice Birdy" and another
ice racer are scheduled to be seen on the ice at Rockefeller Center next Saturday
6:00-8:00AM CST, on NBCs Today Weekend show.

It will take me a while to create a web page of the 2003 event, people are still sending me pix. But
the 2002 pix, report and results are at
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