ICE Full Fat Trike Recumbent


New Member
Jul 23, 2022
Hi All, New to the forum. I have ridden a two-wheeled recumbent for years but now I would like to get a Trike for off-roading. I am planning on moving to Alaska next year and I am looking for an awesome trike for off-roading. Alaska has thousands of miles of incredible trails for riding. I really like the look of the ICE Full Fat. I want the non-electric version. I have an X-seam of 50.5" and a torso height of 26.5." I would love to hear from anyone who has the Full Fat and get their input. Also, if there are other off-road trikes that you think I should consider, please send my way! I live in the Los Angeles area. If there is anyone in the LA area who has a Full Fat for me to see in person I would really appreciate it!! Cheers, Dan
Update: After watching some videos of off-road trikes I am starting to rethink going with a Full Fat. It appears that it might be suitable for some specific applications but not practical for general trail use, especially pushing through heavy brush on narrow trails! It would be great if forum members would chime in on their experience with off-road trikes of any configuration. My plan is to research over the next year and see if I can try a rental or two to help narrow down my choices. Cheers, Dan