ICTech therapy


Pete Johnson

Hi all

Last week i came across an incredible therapy and
communication tool called ICTech. It is all about how we use
our brains, how we send and recieve information. In essence
how we communicate with ourselves, others and the universe i
guess. How important is that?

I found out something i had no idea about, people think in
different ways. We each have a natural style, and it can be
any of one of five different types. When we are thinking in
our natural style we think the way we were born to think and
it does not require any effort.

Unfortunately though most people don't think in their
natural style. Somewhere along the line most of us
subconsciously were led to believe that a different style
would be best. This actually really hinders us and causes a
great deal of stress.

The person behind ICTech Linda Carlson says that 92% of
people go around subconsciously angry and depressed and i
believe her! The difference this knowledge is already making
in my life is unbelievable. And for somebody interested in
psychology and how we communicate i found this to be a

You can find out all about it here:

All the best

Pete Johnson

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