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Apr 2, 2007
Well, so chock this up to if it seems like too good of a deal then there must be a catch. "Normally" I am a fairly savvy shopper and am kicking myself because I did not follow my own advice- read the friggin fine print. I am putting together a project hardtail -sub-21 lbs- to compete on the local fire roads with my hardtail racer buds. I can afford whatever the hell components I want on this bike. So rather than go to the currently local GREAT DEAL internet store (here's a plug- www.jensonusa.com) because IT APPEARED that their price was a few bucks more for an XTR M970 crankset ($299)-- I instead fell for what appeared to be a slightly lower price with no sales tax- $289.99 at ICYCLESUSA. Ok so I get the crankset and deliver it to my mechanic and first thing he says is, "where's the bottom bracket? XTR is always sold with the bottom bracket". And as I found out, from normal, up front stores, that is true. Re-checking Icyclesusa website and ad small print revealed the catch line- "sold without bottom bracket or installation tool." Real class act. RE-checking Jesnonusa reveals that spending $299 there would have bought me what I thought I was getting- the crankset, bottom bracket and installation tool.

Well, in the end this little screw up only cost me maybe 30 or so bucks, but the value of the lesson-PRICELESS

I have only myself to kick over this one, but just thought that perhaps I could get a wee bit o' satisfaction by alerting my mtn biking colleagues who shop the 'net to be extra vigilant if you shop Icyclesusa. For no worries over fine print, go elsewhere for a straightshooter like Jensonusa.

Geez, I feel better already... well a little

(I frequent Chino Hills State Park every weekend- say hey to the guy on the red Santa Cruz superlight, or soon, the featherweight tangerine Schwinn Homegrown)
1) Don't you mean the XTR M960? Because no one, even Ebay, has the M970 at that low of a price.

2) Please don't bad mouth http://www.icyclesusa.com/ simply because you failed to read the item's description. It's there in plain English, and not in "small print" as you describe.

3) Jenson does, in fact, have a better deal on the M960 crankset with the BB and installation tool.
Thanks Scotty Dog for the correction. It was indeed the m960. I guess what I resent- besides my naive assumption that a "Shimano XTR m-960 crankset" would include eveything Shimano intended to include- is that a seller would be so greedy as to tear apart the Shimano packaging to remove parts to sell separately. Frankly I am surprised Icycles did not also remove the chain rings and try to sell those to me as well. Oh well, lesson learned. I will stop whining now. But my business will go to Jenson.

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