If Santa were reading this, what one cycling related item would you ask for?


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Nov 15, 2005
A really hot chic who wants nothing more than go on rides with me in preparation for white hot .......


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Jun 10, 2004
1. On all roads, bike lanes that are impenetrable by cars. On trying to enter a bike lane, the car would experience a perfectly elastic change in momentum whilst maintaing the same energy.

2. More hours of daylight so that I could work in daily 50 mile ride iffin' I wanted.

3. A closet w/ about 20 pairs of Assos bibs.

4. The perfect cycling sock...the one I'm still looking for.

5. Parlee Z1SL

6. A pair of Lightweight wheels.

7. Mila Javovavich

8. I'd like Santa to guarantee that the Zero Gravity cranks w/ their Phil Wood BB bearings will be just as good as I fantasize that they'll be.

9. A summer spent riding all the great Euro climbs.

10. A moratorium on the killing of innocents in order to massage some politician's ego.

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