If you are thinking of a Pyrenean Holiday then choose www.sport-adventura.com

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    After having such a great cycling holiday in the Pyrenees in september I feel
    it is my duty to recommend the tour operators - www.sport-adventura.com

    This is a family run business(Paul and Armelle) Paul is English and Armelle is
    French(who has lived in London for 10years).

    You are based in a Central Pyrenean location and after discussion about the days intinary(usually over a beautiful fresh breakfast) you are drove to the start point of the route.

    You are then fully supported on the climbs and entire route -getting fresh water bottles when needed and also getting those all important camera shots when climbing a legendary col.

    Paul/Armelle are brilliant -really flexible and very supportive - On our journey to the trip our bikes and accessories got lost at a flight transfer at Paris(CDG) Airport - Paul and Armelle treated the situation as if it were there own bikes and got it all sorted out -we got our bikes 4hrs later...in the meantime we were taken out in Toulouse for a nice meal to pass time whilst awaiting our bikes -a very nice personal touch.

    The great thing about this business is there is no real pressure - you know the dread of great expectation from other companies(1 x HC , 2 x 1st Cats + 50 miles at the back in 80 degree heat..) this isn't the case here...if you don't
    feel good one day then simply jump in the car and chill -no problem....however
    if your the next Indurain/Armstrong then you can go as mad as you like and you will get exactly the same support...cyclists of all descriptions can enjoy themselves.....superbe.

    It is incredibly reasonable aswell..the best value for money holiday I've ever
    had(and i've 2 kids and been plenty times to many places) I can totally guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    Me/Friends are doing the dreaded ascents of the Mighty Ventoux this year and we had intended to go for the Dolomites after that but we have all agreed we are going back to the Pyrenees instead...for the pure reason that
    Sport Adventura gave us such an excellent service( By the way this isn't the 1st time weve done this sort of thing weve been to Alpe de Huez/Galibier/
    Croix de fer etc) it's just we were gobsmacked at how good these people were.

    On a weeks trip we done the following legendary cols:-

    Tourmalet, Ares, Portet Aspet, Mente, Aspin, Soulor, Aubisque.

    Also Ski Station TDF finishes:-

    Luz Ardiden, Pla D'Adet(terrible climb)

    As can be seen pretty impressive and i'm not the best cyclist by any stretch of the imagination(I need the triple)

    So if you fancy a trip to the Pyrenees remember www.sport-adventura.com

    Total excellence/Value for money guaranteed.