If You Could Would You Lose The Car And Bike Everywhere?

Oh my god, of course!
All I need is somehow bearable bicycle paths and I am on my way to anywhere! It would be so nice, like in the Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands.
That is the real problem, if you try to ride in the streets you run the risk of getting hit.
Currently contemplating it.
My only issue is the main road to get to work is a highway where bikes cannot go.
The only way around would add 30 mins to my commute.
Looking to buy a house on the other side of the freeway so I can ditch my car and go 100% bike.
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Heck yea! I wouldn't have to pay around 3,000$ on car insurance, no pay for gas, don't have to pay for a parking sticker or other car stuff, you could save and make bank!
I do not own a driver licence and I either walking or riding a bike. Recently it was only walking for me because my bicycle was stolen but half month ago I ran into my own stolen bike so now It is in my possession again. I rarely use buses as well, even though I live in a small city. I like the freedom of riding a bike.
Good that you got it back. I have actually seen a bike stolen from the front of a bus.

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