If your seat is giving you problems try this

Finally! A bike seat rated up to 800 lbs.

Sure it's a little less comfortable, but I like that the nose of the saddle gives me a little better control when cornering or leaning the bike.
That just gave me an idea of a new design for a seat. You don't need the horn for cornering. The seat is designed that way so you can pedal the bike. The horn isn't necessary. You'll being going home and say honey, my penis won't get hard, but you still love me right? Then you go shopping with her and the first place she goes is the **** shop to buy a large *****. I know the traditional seat is uncomfortable after being on the bike for a couple of hours. The difference is I weigh 215 lbs. If you're like the pros and weigh 145, then it won't be such a problem. 215 lbs. pressing down 50 square inches won't work. These seats are designed for heavier riders. You skinny bastards could sit on a 2 X 4
bicycledick said:
You skinny bastards could sit on a 2 X 4

Sure, but that'd be too heavy. ;)

DO NOT give my wife the idea that there's a bike seat out there that would keep my penis from getting hard and make me want to go shopping with her. She'd have it mounted on my bike before I got home from work tonight. :D
Whose to say you can't get comfortable on a horn type seat? I am very comfortable on my bicycle saddles. I even have a work seat that is made from a retired Selle Italia.