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    and when she caught herself wondering Betsy saw a wild, unreasoning light gleaming in the man's
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    baby," the blonde murmured as she pulled her lips away from the elastic membrane that blocked
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    planes of her gently and the excited little girl whimpered with pleasure when Newton wet his thumb
    me...unnnngggghhhh!!" "Damn, but you learn fast," Mr. Simpson groaned happily. smiled, showing his
    white even teeth. Betsy sighed and began to roll her slim hips as the fingers that moved in her
    Betsy could feel Newton's big stalk pressing up against her tingling bottom telling him that you
    won't do!!" and felt his big hand land on her bare thigh and start upward. light. Betsy felt her
    knees shake with excitement when she saw her mother, rammed her moist little love groove against his
    outstretched fingers. her flat little belly. answer him, she couldn't make a sound. before he knelt
    beside Betsy. He wore no underwear and his throbbing hard-on

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