I'm 5.3 (160cm) height, need help on bike size =(


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Apr 2, 2006
Hi, I've come to buy Redline Conquest, unfortunately the size that the shop has is 52cm the smallest.

I've measured my seam to be 73cm, which multiplying by .65 and .67 give me size 47.45 and 48.91 respectively.

I wonder what are the downsides of riding bigger size than my size?
And with Conquest, is it true that I should even take further 2 cm from my size measurement?

Thanks beforehand.

ADD: Given my bike size, should I go with bike size 48 or 50?
Last Friday I set up a friend on a Giant OCR3, he is 5'2", 72cm standover, his bike is an extra small. And he is delighted with it as it fits! :)

Go the 48!! :cool:
Thanks Roger. Wonder why you are always the first to reply hehehe. And you're perth guy too :D