I'm a freeriding fool!

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Michael Paul

Okay, I'm not really. Well, fool maybe. But.......

on a ride yesterday (four guys, one of which is Sorni, and one girl) came to a spot where there is a
rock with an easy line to roll down, or a seperate line which forces you to perform a 2 foot or so
drop. I have almost no issue riding something technical as long as the tires stay on the ground.
But, being very air challenged, I've always opted for the line with less air potential. I always
thought that I could perform this particular drop but never had the stones to try it for fear of
augering my front end and subsequently my face into the waiting granite!

The four guys all take the easy line and turn around to inspect the alternate line. Somebody
mentions that the four males seem to be in possession of ovaries the size of basketballs for not
trying it but that's another story! Betsy comes along and after looking at it for a minute or
two proudly exclaims that she'll do it. She turns around and promptly lands it with seemingly
little effort.

Well, now the gauntlet has been thrown down. I have no problem when I get schooled by somebody half
my age but there's no way I can let what just happened be the end of it (yeah, yeah, there are
plenty of women riders out there who could still school me 10 different ways and I'm cool with that
but I know I'm a better rider than Betsy!). So, I turn around to attempt the move myself. I approach
and promptly hit the brakes hard. After thinking about it for another minute I turn around and do
it. This time with success. After one more successful run, we continue along our way.

So the ante has now been upped. My previous biggest drop was in the neighborhood of 1 foot so I've
doubled it. I see no reason to pursue anything larger and am promptly retiring from hucking with no
titanium fasteners holding any of my bones together!

Michael "oh yeah, Sorni didn't do the drop" Paul


<snip fuuny story>

> Michael "oh yeah, Sorni didn't do the drop" Paul

lol... and this is the best part of the story lol

Not often I get to laugh at you guys!
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