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Oct 14, 2018
Found this on Kickstarter and couldn't resist backing it (light + remote).



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Jan 15, 2011
Around here everyone is going to the GoPro which is a combination of tail-light and camera. They all seem to be getting fearful of traffic when to my mind I see that traffic is in general getting more polite towards bicyclists. They don't quite know how to move from the left-of-the-bike-lane to the right freeway entrance yet but they're learning. And since cycling is getting more common, a larger segment of drivers either ride themselves or have children or close friends who ride. This makes them more polite around bicycles. Of course there is always the jackasses but California is now 30% people from some other country and they are often drunk on the freedom to do anything they want. And in California the police WILL NOT enforce driving laws unless they are forced to do so. Locally the San Mateo Bridge empties onto Jackson St. in Hayward. There is a light there. People drive literally 90 mph on the bridge and so are approaching this exit at freeway speeds when this light turns red and they simply drive right through the red light at freeway speed. The local people are used to this and take it into account. But the police could sit there and hand out $1,500 tickets all day long and don't. Instead they increase taxes on the middle class. So bicyclists stay off these sorts of streets and otherwise are pretty safe. But they are buying GoPro for front and rear anyway.


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
Tom if you stand far enough back and turn the turn signal on you are not going to be able to distinguish what the heck it's doing because the signals are located to close to each other, their not spaced apart like a motorcycle or a car; this spacing problem has been the subject of other similar lights, like those on helmets, that is completely unnoticeable. This need for a turn signal has never ever been something that I, nor my friends that I have spoken about this sort of thing over the years, could see any advantage. We all simply have used hand signals and no one has ever been in danger because of it, and not I after 40 years of riding either.