I'm new..someone help!!


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Apr 24, 2003
Hey guys! I need some tips on getting into the sport. I currently am a competitive swimmer and runner and would love to compete in a triathlon someday. I will be buying a bike this summer, but am not really sure what to look for, and do not want to end up with a bad fit. Newbie tips would be great! Thanks! :)


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Oct 30, 2002
find a good bike shop where the staff seem willing to answer your questions.

when you buy a bike spend as much as you can afford because nearly everyone buys a bike then wants the next model up!!!!

triathletes often ride time trial like bikes with aero bars and stuff that roadies can't use due to the UCI rules so when you go to buy a bike make sure you tell the shops that you want to do tri

generally for serious riding you will want a bike with at least shimano 105 components, a light wheelset, carbon forks and a decent light frame

check out www.roadbikereview.com for other peoples opinions on bike to