im off to scout camp!!!

Discussion in '' started by manon1wheel, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. manon1wheel

    manon1wheel Guest

    post anything you want. ill be at scout camp anyway.

    if u have ever had the urge to spam a thread feel free.

    i wont be able tol see this thread anyway by the time it gets deleted.

    lol feel free!!!!!



    i love wheels, anything with wheels...
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    MERCYME Guest

    Wow that was weird. He won't be able to tell you what camp. He's off
    to scout camp...FOREVER!

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  3. James_Potter

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  4. Kool what council im from Cradle of liberty council and im gonna work at
    camp Hart this summer thats how im gonna afford my new sexy Coker :D yay
    kool beans ttyl

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  5. halfbike

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    UMMM...... Spam

    Umm... Scouts is cool cause it tought me how to be a piro!!!!
    But my new troop is lame. We have a leader who is really short and like
    500 pounds!!!!! Me sad now, um

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  6. Unitik908

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    halfbike wrote:
    > * piro!!!! *

    its pyro...:D :D that about all i got out of scouts.. but i get to
    bring my unicycle to band camp BEAT THAT!


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  7. PopeSamXVI

    PopeSamXVI Guest

  8. Im working on star rank. I've never been to a scout camp per-say but
    I've been on all the lame campouts. One of them was in january and the
    tents were buried in 2 1/2 feet of snow. I do lone scouting now. Its
    more something my parents want me to do than I want to do.

    GREEN EGGS AND SPAM!!!!!!!!!

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