Imaginary Mountains of Nebraska

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  1. Scott, a cyclist from Nebraska, copied me on this note he sent to Jim:

    If this gets to you before you get there try to stop at 'Ole's Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge' in
    downtown Paxton. Glad you enjoyed Nebraska. Have you had a tomato beer yet? The best recovery drink
    ever invented. Good luck and tailwinds Scott

    Scott, like a fair number of other well wishers, has been routing for Jim on his way across America.
    And Jim loves mail!! 75 miles from Colorado, here is his Nebraska Saturday:


    - Good Morning Everyone:

    When ever I have driven west it was always fun to try and see who could see the mountains first.
    Well, with all the weather patterns mother nature has been providing me with, the sky ahead always
    looks like it is filled with mountains; lots of them. They are big, snow capped and it is easy to
    imagine carving a turn thru some of that powder. The cloud patterns do make you see things that only
    artists can see.

    Looks like I might have to back track (15 miles, ed) as one of my wheels has a bad bearing. North
    Platte should be a fun place to be this weekend as they are having lots of rodeo events. A three day
    annual event that brings folks to town.

    I think someone there should be able to think of bikes instead of horses long enough to help me.
    Last night I could have stayed in a motel, but decided to do the camping routine . Kind of getting
    used to the fresh air.

    The folks in Hershey told me, and a few kids, about a shelter in the city park. After dinner at
    Butch's Cafe, I cycled over. No sooner had I selected a spot in the middle of the shelter on a bench
    normally used for picnics the kids started showing up. First it was Riley, a 12 year old and his two
    friends, one an 8 year old girl and the other a 13 year old boy. Questions and more questions. They
    shared some of their plans with me. I was touched that they all shook my hand before leaving.

    No sooner had they gone than Drew and his two male friends showed up. More questions and shared
    dreams. They seemed to want to talk longer, but when I told them I had had been biking since 6 AM
    they also shook my hand before leaving. One even said they hoped to do what I was doing some day. I
    was impressed with their courtesy and interest in life.

    With all of them, we discussed, trains, that North Platte has the largest switching station in the
    world, smoking, travel and a little education.

    As I laid there looking up I noted lots of moths gathering on the ceiling. of the shelter. This
    morning as I lifted the tarp I use to keep my gear clean, there were 50 or more of them there. They
    must have been attracted to my body heat. I was glad they did not join me in my sleeping bag.

    Well, its off to repair a wheel and enjoy a little western charm at the rodeo unless I can find some
    local help.

    Love to all, Jim

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