Impact of human growth hormone confirmed

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    Research funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency has determined the time advantage that unscrupulous athletes can reap from the "extensively abused" natural substance.

    "We found a four per cent improvement in sprint capacity," said Professor Ken Ho from Sydney's Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

    Produced in pituitary gland

    "So, over a 10-second (100-metre) sprint that would equate to a .4 second advantage ... For sprinters that's a long gap."

    Human growth hormone, or HGH, is produced by the pituitary gland and it is vital for healthy bone, muscle and organ growth.

    It is used legitimately to treat growth disorders in children or as hormone replacement therapy for people with a deficiency.

    Anti-doping officials also suspect the abuse of HGH by athletes has been going on "over many decades", Prof Ho said, while an ability to detect this has only emerged over the past six years.

    'Extensively abused'

    Athletes were "supplementing the body with huge amounts of a natural hormone" to gain a performance benefit in training that would carry over to the track, field or swimming pool, he said.

    "It is widely believed that it is quite extensively abused ... and if you take a hormone which is identical to what the body makes it becomes very difficult to detect it."

    Prof Ho's study into the effect of HGH on physical performance involved 103 fit people, aged 18-40 and Sydney-based, who had daily injections of either HGH or a placebo.

    Those given the HGH had a dose "on the low end" compared to levels typically used in sports doping, and over eight weeks they reported the expected symptoms of fluid retention and joint pain.

    Link: World News Australia - Impact of human growth hormone confirmed

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    Hmmm, 4% quicker over a 4hour stage is 9m36s...

    My mistake, there can't be any HGH in the pro peloton as it only has benefits in sprint capacity and not endurance...:rolleyes:

    Sounds like it would surely assist in recovery to me...
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    Thanks for sharing
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    HGH is used quite heavily in the bodybuilding world not only for the effects it has on strength but also that it increases recovery rate and it has an added side effect of reducing bodyfat. The downsides to HGH are bone thickening when used in high doses, most noticeably in the wrists and ankles which leads to the joint stiffening and pain but this is a long term effect of several years of use and it will go away after a few months of termination of the protocol. The fluid retention is only a temporary effect while doing an HGH protocol. Other short and long term effects are increased memory retention and increased eyesight acuity which is why quite a few people in the military also use as it can help with the effects of aging on the eyes for pilots.