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    An Introduction to the Ancient Art of Reiki Healing The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese
    words: Rei and Ki, which in the Western world is commonly described as the universal life force
    energy. Featuring Reiki Healer Nicole Curtis, this program offers a comprehensive introduction to
    Reiki Healing, the transfer of energy via a practitioner to a patient to enhance the body's natural
    ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. Reiki treatments do not have negative side
    effects, are completely safe and natural, and are being incorporated into hospital treatment
    centers, as well as into scientific research. Produced by Gaia Films. 2002 SCA 40 min.

    Home Use: VHS @ $34.95/DVD @ $39.95

    Aromatherapy Training: A Practical Guide Holistic health and nutrition offer many exciting and
    rewarding career choices today; this is especially true, as more and more people want to take an
    active role in staying healthy. Aromatherapy, an ancient approach to total well being that promotes
    the use of essential oils to enhance one's health, as well as one's quality of life, is gaining wide
    acceptance today by healthcare professionals seeking to expand their range of practice by
    integrating holistic care methods. This timely program, featuring Carol Gilbey, an expert in
    Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, offers a practical guide to Aromatherapy
    and the essential oils, providing step-by-step massage training on a completely natural basis.
    Produced by Talking Pictures, Ltd. 2002 CA 85 min. Home Use: VHS @ $39.95/DVD @ 44.95

    Breaking Ground: Alternative Therapies for People With Cancer "Documents important advances made in
    alternative therapies." -Ed. Media Review

    Examines the growing trend in cancer patients to therapy other than conventional treatments and
    establishes the importance of a mind-body connection in the healing process. Produced by the Univ.
    of Miami School of Communications. 98/03DR SCA 30 min. Home Use: VHS @ $29.95/DVD @ $34.95

    Holistic Massage Training Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and creates an overall
    feeling of well being for many. It can promote relaxation; soothe aching muscles, help combat stress
    and related symptoms, clear blocked sinuses, break down adhesions and stimulate local circulation.
    This comprehensive, how-to program features expert masseuse Carol Gilbey, who presents a step-by-
    step guide to performing a professional massage; also she explains how to choose the most
    appropriate essential oils to maximize the benefits of an aromatherapy treatment. Produced by
    Talking Pictures, Ltd. 2002 CA 60 min.

    Home Use: VHS @ $39.95/DVD @ $44.95

    Massage for All This how-to massage program was produced for all type of beginners, offering a
    straightforward guide to simple massage techniques that may be used with friends and family.
    Christine Presley and Hillary Kirkman, from the respected Bristol School of Massage, demonstrate the
    basics principles of massage that will allow viewers to get started as soon as possible. The massage
    seen is a manual, soft tissue manipulation, applying gentle pressure to the body; it is a powerful
    therapy aimed at achieving or increasing health and wellness. Produced by the Bristol School of
    Massage. 2002 SCA 50 min.

    Home Use: VHS @ $39.95/DVD @ $44.95

    Shiatsu Today "Recommended. All the techniques are clearly demonstrated in a calm, straightforward
    manner. The procedures are explained in small sections, so it is easy to stop the tape and practice
    or review. Obviously, a 60-minute tape can not substitute for a hands-on teaching experience or
    delve too deeply into the philosophy of this centuries old healing art, but this program is as good
    an introduction as you will find." -EMR Online

    A holistic body therapy, Shiatsu is practical and simple to learn. It promotes physical health,
    mental clarity and emotional calm. This how-to program is a complete introduction to neck and
    shoulder massage that teaches viewers the ancient art of Shiatsu massage in clear, easy-to-follow
    stages. No previous massage experience or equipment is needed. The guidelines and theory of good
    Shiatsu are explained, teaching each technique in detail, including the use of acupressure points;
    also the complete neck and shoulder sequence is demonstrated for viewers to follow. Overall, the
    program will help viewers develop new skills they can share immediately with family and friends. One
    learns that Shiatsu massage can relieve stress and release tension effectively in a gentle non-
    invasive way without using medication. By rebalancing the body's vital life energy, Qi, Shiatsu
    enables a person to completely relax and recharge internal energy levels. Produced by Andy Harrop.
    2001 SCA 60 min. Home Use: VHS @ $39.95/DVD @ $44.95

    Teach Yourself Indian Head Massage Growing ever popular in North America, Indian Head Massage is
    particularly effective in addressing the effects of stress and fatigue. In this program expert
    therapists Wendy Lee and Tracey Hall explain and demonstrate the essential step-by-step techniques
    for this relaxing and highly beneficial therapy that combines massage of the shoulders, arms, neck,
    face and head. As we see, the massage is a versatile treatment that can be carried out with a person
    fully clothed in an ordinary chair and normally takes between 20 - 30 minutes. Produced by Lee Hall
    Productions. 2002 SCA 30 min.

    Home Use: VHS @ $29.95/DVD @ $34.95

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