Improving seat comfort by moving the seat

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  1. Keith

    Keith Guest

    I have been trying to improve unicycle seat comfort recently, and I have
    an idea that I'd like to get your feedback on.

    It seems like the main obstacle to comfort is that your weight is
    concentrated on the soft part of your crotch because your weight has to
    be centered over the axle to keep balanced. Take a look at a side view
    picture of a unicycle to see what I mean.

    So, I'm wondering what would happen if the seat was moved forward by an
    inch or two. This could be accomplished by bending the seatpost twice
    (one bend forward, another bend above it to make it vertical) or by
    making an adapter.

    I think the result would be that you would have to concentrate your
    weight on the back of the seat to stay balanced, which seems like it
    would be more comfortable. Pressure would be removed from your crotch
    and concentrated on your butt instead.

    Has anybody tried this? If you have, did it work? If you haven't tried
    it, do you think it will work?


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  2. fexnix

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    I dont recomend bending the seatpost, it will weaken it.
    Instead get a rail adapter for your seat and a bike seatpost.

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  3. S_Wallis

    S_Wallis Guest

    Unicycles are interesting animals. What you are wanting to do is
    accomplished by tiliting the seat down in the back, then raising the
    post a little to compensate. The frame will tilt forward and you will
    be sitting on the rear of the saddle.

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  4. hecklar

    hecklar Guest

    Fexnix is absolutely right. Some of the guys that i ride with use the
    same idea. They have it so that your arse is supported more, and your
    chode is supported less. Personally, i hate their setup because, either
    your jewels are being squished by the nose of the saddle sticking up so
    high or your legs can't move around as well due to you sitting over the
    fat part of the saddle. I ride street (seat in), though, and they ride
    trials (seat out). That's the difference: The don't actually ride
    around on their saddle much, so they don't need the leg freedom. I

    The saddle is designed the way it is because it simulates a standing
    position, where everything is centered around your chode. Unless you
    have some crazy ghetto booty, your idea would ask the rider to sort of
    lean back when he rides, in order to center and balance things about his
    rear end.

    I agree though, the saddle isn't a great design, because it centers all
    of the weight about your chode, which has a small amount of surface
    area, meaning that there is more pressure on it (PSI). It would be
    nicer to have all of your body weight spread across your arse, because
    that means that there is less pressure (PSI) on it, but that just isn't
    suitable for unicycling posture. Thus the current saddle is an

    At all depends on your preference though. Try out a rail adapter.
    Maybe subtle forward adjustments would be better for you. I'm just
    trying to explain why, generally, saddles are designed and configured
    the way that they are.

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  5. S_Wallis

    S_Wallis Guest

    To elaborate:

    When you scoot back on your seat, you are actually staying in the same
    place and your unicycle is rotating forward on its axle. As a result,
    you are sitting on a saddle that is now tipped forward, putting you on a
    more forward sloped surface than before, and also sitting higher than
    before. It feels good to relieve the crotch pressure, but for the most
    part it is not a sustainable position because you are sliding forward,
    or rather the unicycle is trying to rotate back. Tilting the seat down
    in the back allows you to sit farther back and is generally more
    comfortable, but the crotch pressure is greater than when you were
    holding yourself on the back of the tilted saddle.

    An offset post, or rails, etc would only serve to adjust the angle of
    the frame while you are riding, which is really irrelevant unless you
    have a knee/ frame interference problem.

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    S_Wallis - MUni-motivated, Distance-curious

    "I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn
    how to do it." Pablo Picasso
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  6. befallin

    befallin Guest

    I have a kh 24 and like you didnt really like the seat angle.
    My problem was the slots in the seatpost wouldnt allow enough forward
    movement of the seat.
    Here,s what i did.
    i cut a wedge out of the seat post just under the weld.This wedge was
    about 3-4 mm at the back of the seat post going to nothing "near"(dont
    cut all the way through)the front of the post.
    Close up the gap and weld the seat post.If you do the preparatory work
    it is a 5 minute job for a good welder.
    Try a search as this info comes off the forum from an earlier post.It
    has worked well for me.
    Good luck.

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  7. Keith

    Keith Guest