Improving VT1 and Vo2max


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Oct 28, 2004
I have reciently done a max test from the results it seems I need to work on my Vo2max (53) and my VT1 (currently 70% relative to 002max). My VT2 was 95% which I have been told shows I have a good resistance to fatigue. Currently the bulk of my training has been low intensity rides. My first major Duathlon of the year is at the end of April. I have been told that riding around VT1 wattage will improve mu VT1 and adding intervals will help raise V02max slightly. At what stage should I start to add in VT1 rides and when should I add in the intervals? Also how long should my rides at VT1 go up to (one of my main goals is to ride a sub hour TT this year) should they replace all my low level rides or should I just do one or two rides of this intensity?