Improving vt1


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Mar 9, 2016
I go for rides 3 times a week, twice with the club and once alone. Distance a week now app. 125 miles going up to 185 miles in summer. I have recently done a max test from the results it seems I need to work on my VT1. I have been told that riding around VT1 and VT2 will improve fat burn. Adding intervals will help raise V02max slightly. At what stage should I add in VT1 rides and when should I add in the intervals? Also how long should my rides at VT1 be, should they replace all my rides or should I just do one or two rides a week and for how long?

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Feb 12, 2011
I think the lower the intensity the higher percentage of fat that is used. I think the higher the intensity the higher the amount of fat is used. There are several ways to determine VT1 and VT2.

"VT1 can be identified at the point where the breathing rate begins to increase. A person who is at VT1 can no longer talk comfortably while exercising."

"At VT2, the lactate has quickly accumulated in the blood and the person needs to breath heavily and can no longer speak at this intensity."

Higher intensity is always good. You should do what you are able to do. You have 4 extra days in the week. Use some of those days to push hard. Intervals can be good if you get your heart rate up. But you can go out for 5-10 miles and try to breath hard all the time. If that is too hard, do a shorter ride. Or break it up into intervals of a mile - work hard for a mile (or some easy to measure interval), take a short rest and repeat. Don't work so hard your 2 weekly rides are affected.