In addition to my Giant, an electric bike?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Genevabiker, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Sep 29, 2012
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    I work for an international organisation here and live quite a ways from work, in surrounding France. Biking is my preferred mode of transport [​IMG]

    Recently I moved further away so an electric bike seemed a more reasonable option to reduce the time getting to work.

    Mistakenly I bought a bike in Italy while on vacation, a Frisbee Dinghi, that the shopowner seemed happy to sell.. It has been difficult to maintain, and after-sale service non-existant, in Italie, but also no one in France knows the bike and no parts are available. The importer in Luzern was the only competent one, but this was too far away.

    So after a few attempts, each worsening the state of the bike, I sent it back to the manufacturers, (at a very high cost) but have finally told them to keep the Dinghi, when they wanted 340 euros ... it is barely 2 years old.[​IMG]

    Can anyone suggest to me a really good make in electric bike, one that is well enough known to the industry to be able to find support if needed?

    I have been riding a traditional Giant for years - I love that bike, and have seen that they made an electric bike. Your views?


    Looking forward to being part of this forum

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    easiest solution would be to shop and to buy one... in Geneva ! 90% of bike shops do perform maintenance work on their products and should have replacement parts as well, im not familiar with electric bikes though,
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    I guess this is after-the-fact since you appear to have sent your bike back ...

    Which component(s) failed on your FRISBEE DINGHI?

    • Motor?
    • Wiring-or-Harness?
    • Controller?
    • Unknown!?!

    Could it have been something as simple as the battery OR its charger?
    Knowing how to use a Volt-Ohm-Meter would probably have gone a long way toward troubleshooting-and-isolating the problem if only to test for continuity between points-A-and-B.
    Regardless, I was going to suggest that your best bet was and may still be a DIY retrofitting of generic electric bike components onto your current GIANT bike frame ... or, your Frisbee Dinghi if you still had it.

    While it may not be as tidy looking, does THAT matter if it functions?

    FWIW. I have ZERO knowledge as to how good-or-bad the following vendor OR components are:

    Use it and/or the seller as a reference.