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    I live in Port Orchard, WA. I'm 11 years old, but a level 5 unicyclist!
    How old are you? E-mail me sometime!

    tylercox (at) techie (dot) com

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    Puyallup isn't far from North Bend, and there will be a uni meet in
    North Bend on Saturday, April 9. If you want to hang out with other
    unicyclists, you should consider going. For information about the event,
    check 'here.' ( I will be there, and presumably
    there will be lots of riders from the Seattle area.

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    kraze, you can subscribe to the Seattle area unicyclers' email list by
    sending an email to:
    unicyclers-subscribe (INSERT 'AT' SIGN)
    and putting "subscribe" in the header.

    We do all kinds of riding. If you're into trials, there's a few
    incredibly talented kids (and geezers too!) around here.

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    You should really try to get to North Bend on April 9 and join the
    Seattle e-mail list.

    It would be great to find more South Sound riders. There has to be

    My work brings me through Tacoma on a fairly regular basis, maybe an
    after work ride sometime after mid-April.

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