#$%@in' Squeaking Brakes!


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Jun 14, 2002
'ello!...<br /><br />For the last 2 weeks or so my front brakes have been whining at me...<br /><br />They are perfectly aligned, and toed in, so that is not the problem...<br /><br />I have filed away all the gunk on the blocks...<br /><br />I am considering filing my rim but do nopt really want to do that...<br /><br />The rim is perfectly tru'd.<br /><br />They let out a horrible squeaky sound when I brake.<br /><br />It is only the last 2 weeks or so, they never once made a sound before this. I have not changed anything on my brake setup, or rim.<br /><br />Any advice?
Any advice? :-X<br />Whatcha got?<br />V's?<br />Cable?<br />Hydros?<br /><br /><br />Little help? ???<br />
don't &quot;file&quot; your rims - maybe take a little steel wool and go around a few times.<br /><br />sometimes - it's just one of those weird things!<br /><br />also try replacing the pads.
tX, MtBcHik...<br /><br />Will try ASAP...<br /><br />Have a good Xmas peeps!<br /><br />PS: Will drop a response in 'ere when I get back from Holidayz in mid-January...
When my brakes start to squeak, and I can't help it with adjusting the pads, I clean my rims with alcohol (2-propanol or similar)...acetone should also do. ;)
Yep, I use isopropyl alcohol wipes to clean my brakes when they start to get squeaky, it works really well.
Kewl, I'll giove a try - Tx guys.

The noise has almost disappeared on its own though, but my blocks are now stuffed from metal shards off the rim.

Thats another problem I have...

Hehe - Lets see what the Mnfr. has to say...
Then clean yer pads man!!! I use a small knife, aftrer that I usually rub the pads soft with my Dremel Multi...
i#'m having trouble with extremely squealing brakes. i just cleaned the bike, and it seems fairy liquid is very squeaky. will it be fine if i clean it with white spirit or something? i read about the metal wool, but won't that wear down the pads very quickly?
'owzit RudeBoyMCC...

After much sheet with the LBS, they finally checked my bike, and...AND...admitted to giving me the wrong pads.

I am now on soft rubber blocks, but still have stuffed rims from before which I'm fighting to get replaced...

...but anywyas, talk to your LBS about your blocks.

Chances are you are riding with Alloy-based blocks and need softer Alu. blocks.


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k i take that back. failed completely. as soon as i used them for 5 minutes.

i've tried sanding down the pads. i was going to do the rims but i didn't want to ruin them. still didn't work.

i tried wd40, didn't work.

i'm thinking i should buy some new brake pads. there's one problem though. i don't know what material one of my rims is. the person i got the bike off had an accident and had to replace the front rim. i'm not sure what he replaceed it with though. does it make that much of a difference?
the rear rim is labelled as alloy and is silver, but the front has no label and is black. anyone got any ideas of what it could be or could it be anything?

also, will it make the much difference if i use brakes for alloy on aluminium or steel?
1. Get new blocks.

2. Alloy blocks for Alloy rims & Alu. blocks for Alu. rims.

3. Yes, it does matter if you use the wrong blocks on the wrong rim...alot. Damage is inevitable then.
so how will i know what material the rim is?

will alloy brake pads ruin an aluminum rim? or will the aluminium rim ruin the pads?? what i'm asking is can i buy two sets of alloy pads, and put them on the bike, and then if the front ones get damaged then i know it's aluminum, and then i could buy aluminium pads. trial and error.

what kind of damage are we talking here?
k i went to some bike shop near my school, and they all seemed pretty good with bikes.

i told him my scenario with the alloy and aluminu wheel , and he said aluminium is alloy, and the pads for both metals are here (he pointed at them). i looked at them closer, and then realised they were exactly the same as the ones i have on my bike. so i didn't buy them. he didn't have any others, he said those were the best ones.

so i went home and thought maybe the pads don't contact properly. so i made them contact perfectly, and then tried and they still squeak. i tried rubbing the rims with some steel wool, and no difference.
'ello RudeBoy...

Ok, how do I start...Um...

To simplify, you get harder compound blocks meant for your lower-end rims such as Steel, and your shitty compound rims...

...NOT what you want.

You need to ask your LBS for soft-compound blocks. I recommend Deore blocks, affordable price, great quality.

They obviously wear faster, but are alot softer and more gentle on your rims.

Your harder alloy-specific blocks tend to 'dig in' to the rims, causing the rims to shed shards of metal, and will eventually end up 'pitting' your rim, and in some cases leaving grooves in the rim.

So, to cap it off, you want soft-compound blocks. This solved my problem.

Later, Merlin :)
will the soft compound ones break as well? i mean stop the bike.

i nearly had it this morning. last night i sprayed the rims wiht this lubricant whcih "glazes" after it evaporates. tried it this morning, brakes wouldn't work at all ,but no noise. so i wiped them with some tissue, and they stared working very well ,with no noise, till about five minutes of hard pedalling with both brakes pressed. then the squeaking slowly came throguh .maybe it's becuase i wiped iT? i#m going to try again without wiping this time, just cycling until they start working.
Not a good idea to 'glaze' your blocks/rims with that stuff.

Your blocks are designed to work on their own with the rims, no extra stuff.

If anything, the softer compounds should work better.

If your blocks are:

1. clean
2. toed-in
3. clear of debris

I can only think of one other thing, and that is the compound. Try the softer blocks.