In the News: Fresh drug scandals cast heavy shadow over Tour

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  1. From the article:
    From Jeremy Whittle in Liège, Belgium

    DAVID MILLAR, of Great Britain, world time-trial champion and leader of Cofidis, the
    French team, was placed under official judicial inquiry yesterday in Nanterre,
    France, in the latest development in the spiralling doping investigation into his
    team. Millar is now formally under investigation on suspicion of ?acquiring and
    possessing toxic substances?, according to French judicial sources.

    After being taken into custody for questioning by police in Biarritz last week,
    Millar was banned from competing in this year?s Tour de France, which begins here
    tomorrow, by the race organisation. The Scot, who wore the leader?s yellow jersey on
    his debut in July 2000 and has won three stages, was released after questioning in
    Nanterre, north of Paris, by the magistrate, Richard Pallain.

    According to reports, Millar was interviewed for two hours. The questioning was
    ?non-confrontational?, Paul-Albert Iwens, Millar?s lawyer, said. ?David Millar
    confirmed what he said in his police interview, that?s to say the use of EPO
    (erythropoietin, the blood-booster). He recalled with sadness some things which had
    been hard for him to bear. There were some very emotional moments during the

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