Inaugural Coker Ride with 110mm cranks - Pre Ride Post

Discussion in '' started by Sofa, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Well, I am about to take my Airfoil Coker rim out for the first time,
    minus a few loops around the parking lot. (I had it setup with
    170Kookas because it's first ride was going to be with my Single Speed
    rider friend)

    I am about to go 13km through the city.

    I took the Coker out in the hallway of the apt. today, and the very
    first time i hopped onto it, it felt exactly like my very first time on
    a unicycle.

    It shot away from me, and I almost fell backwards.

    A feeling I haven't felt for quite some time while riding

    I'm excited to go, but am quite anxious about how hard it will be.

    Not to mention I haven't used the brake on this thing yet, so I'm sure
    the first time I panick, I'll grab the brake and fly off :(

    Ever wonder why we do the crazy things we do on purpose :confused:

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  2. Good Luck. Short cranks definately take some getting used to, but they
    are worth it. You can cruise at amazing speeds.

    Bridget Sprouls lent me her Coker with 102's for the LBI unithon. I had
    the same experience with the uni flying away hilariously at first.

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    your fine. dont worry about a thing. oh, and in response to why we do
    crazy things on purpose, we do it because we like the fact that its
    crazy, we like adrenaline, we like the rush of something like that, its
    amazingly fun... I could go on forever about that one. I have given that
    ALOT of thought

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