Inaugural Johnny NoCom® HPV speed conference

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    Tickets will be available to purchase online for the 1st annual Johnny
    NoCom® HPV speed conference.

    Many important race topics will be discussed at this historic 2 day
    event in Coper City, FL 3/05
    Several of the topics covered at the conference will be:

    What makes the NoCom the Fastest Stock Bike in the Known Universe©.
    You too can ride and race faster than any old school design slowracer.©
    You too can ride and race faster than any sock and bubbled high

    Guest speaker Tom Sherman will be hosting the "Keep monkey free speech
    alive and well on the USEnet©" lecture and discussion.

    One of A.R.B.R.s finest intellectual speakers Skip will also be hosting
    a discussion about recumbent humor and the benefit of laughter. Proceeds
    will benefit FOGyBROL disease research. FOGyBROL is a terrible brain
    disease that limits the ability to laugh. Many recumbent riders suffer
    from this serious disease.

    All Johnny NoCom® merchandise will be on sale at the vendor booths. Sign
    up forms will be available on line at the Johnny NoCom® Fastest Bike in
    the Known Universe© web site coming to the internet in 1/05.

    Holiday Cheers,
    Johnny NoCom®

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    > Holiday Cheers,
    > Johnny NoCom®

    Cheer me up ... go away