Incorrect lap data on cateye V2c?


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Mar 6, 2011
Okay so I went for a normal ride with my cateye V2c and during the ride I could see the times and data every time I pressed the lap button. Everything was normal. Afterwords I viewed the file and found the data wrong in numerous ways. The overall trip information seems very consistent and correct.

1. My first lap has a time of 6 minutes and a split time of 13? what?

2. my second lap I have no recollection of ever doing

3. My eighth lap is gone even though I saw the the words lap-08 on the screen when riding.

4 laps are all out of order. My 4th lap has a split time of 24 minutes and my 3 lap has one of 33 minutes! This is messed up. I remember my 6th lap to really be the time for my 1st lap and so on.

I ride alone so it couldnt be interference from outer sources. I ride the same place every day and no issues like this before. I have had the Cateye V2c for about a month and a half and no problems whatsoever.

The problem is not too many laps saved or anything like that because I have less than 99 laps ( the maximum) saved.

Thanks for any help.