Increasing awareness of cyclists

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    I'd say, on safety, I carry my ID, AAA card, Health insurance card, and a cell phone.
    AAA will transport bike and rider a fair distance in case of mechanical failure
    ID and health insurance are so they can start treating me instantly.. Cell phone is to call in case I need support.
    Now, for day rides, I have a headlight, and a tail light, both in strobe mode. In the 3 years I've been running them, I've never had anyone pull out in front of me because they didn't see me. I've been wearing screaming yellow/orange for longer than that, and it doesn't work.
    The reason blinking works is that it cause people to pick up motion, and the eyes are wired to pick it up

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    1. What safety items do you carry on your bicycle?
    Fly6 and Fly12 integrated lights and cameras. The rear camera/light has a 4+ hour runtime, which is great for 100km+ rides. I run the rear light as a daytime running light as well as at night

    I have used the recorded video and sound from these cameras to have aggressive drivers sucessfully prosecuted 3 times. Story here:

    2. What safety items do you find most effective during the day? At night? Why?
    See above/ At night, having reflective panels on my shoes works wells as the motion attracts driver attention particularly well.

    3. What do you find most dangerous about cycling on city roads? Why?
    Driver attitudes. Here in Sydney Australia, a significant minority of drivers feel it is OK to be aggressive to cyclists, especially if they see them doing something they perceive as "wrong" such as failing to use a (non-compulsory) bike lane

    4. We have noticed that adjustable light patterns (such as solid/blinking) tend to be popular. Why would cyclists want that adjustability?
    Blinking lights, especially a random pattern, are more notceable to motorists than a steady light as it triggers the brain by mimicking motion. However, the downside is that the research also shows they make distances harder to judge.

    5. Are there any habits you have adopted to keep yourself safe while cycling? If so, why do think they are effective?
    Own the lane rather than hugging the gutter, so that you are seen earlier and it sends a message to not close-shave you when overtaking. However, it has its limits. For some cyclist haters, it can be an invitation to take their revenge and hit you.

    6. There are a number of safety-focused items available. If you have not purchased them, why not?
    Most are useless. The one exception is the Italian Road Bike Mirror. I will be buying one very soon.

    7. Why is performance (e.g., battery life of a light) important?
    Because you don't it running out mid ride, especially at night. That could end badly.​