Independent Fab. vs. Seven


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Mar 11, 2003
I'm about to pop for a big purchase: a new Ti bike. Anyone have any feelings -- one way or the other -- about whether I should purchase an Independent Fabrication Ti Crown Jewel or a Seven Cycles Axiom Ti? I suspect I can't go wrong either way. But any input would be greatly appreciated.

- Dennis
I'm sure either would be a good choice.

but, have you considered litespeed, merlin, and serotta?
Let me put it this way: I?ve thought about the three bike companies you mentioned, but I never seriously considered them. Is there a reason you think I should?
depends on what you're looking for...

anyone seriously looking at ti bikes would have to include the three I mentioned. colnago makes 2 ti models and lemond makes at least one.

the serotta ottrott is arguably the finest bike made. serotta's legend ti is also a fine bike. I would lump serotta in with the smaller, custom-type makers you mentioned. all fine bikes.

colnago needs no introduction. the lemond ti is one I don't know much about, but it is ti and another option.

if you want a one-of-a-kind, not much chance of seeing another, on your club ride, then go with seven, if, or serotta. if you're looking for artwork you can ride (and no chance of meeting another one), the merlin cielo must be considered - carbon tubes and unmatched sculpted ti lugs; its beautiful.

if you're looking for a performance racer, litespeed is the serious choice. the vortex and ultimate have been ridden to numerous professional victories, both in the us and in europe. many euro pros ride a rebadged/repainted vortex; lance rode one in his first tdf victory.

lots of options. depends on what you're looking for...
OUt of those 2 I reccomend the Independent frame.

Basicly all Ti frames are identical in the market if you research them. Very few are much different.

I said Independent only because of their support to the sport.

Everyone should really support those compnaies that support the sport and programs.

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