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    Which Beta blocking drug will not effect the conversion of T4 to T3. I have mitral valve proleapse
    and myheart wil skip beats if I do not take somethig for it. I take Atemolol but if I take more than
    12.5 twice a day I get a bad reaction but even with 12.5 I get the shakes from the atenolol for the
    first 3 hours after I take it. What drug will help keep your heart rate beating regularly butnot
    effect thyroid replacement absorption if taken at the same time nor effect T4 to T3 conversion?
    People say Inderal does not effect T4 to T3 conversion but if you search on the net it show that it
    does. Or is it only at high doses that inderal effects T4 to T3 conversion. Just what is the best
    drug for someone on thyroid replacement that will keep your heart steady with no effect on thryoid
    in any way? If I take something to keep my heart rate constant but then it effects concversion of T4
    to T3 I will just have to adjust and take more thyroid meds which will in turn make me have more
    irregular heart beats.