Indoor trainer: roller or resistance (turbo) trainer? What should I buy?


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Apr 20, 2013
Hello to all,

Winter is approaching here in South Africa - wet and cool ...... The appeal of an indoor trainer beckons.

What type should I buy? Roller or turbo/resistance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? I am told that roller trainers are good for pedalling technique but not easy to use and that they may slip under high power. Resistance trainers don't do this but you must buy a decent one to prevent slippage when pedalling hard.

Incidentally, I use a Garmin Edge 500 so don't need to buy a trainer with a built-in computer.

They have both Giant and Elite resistance trainers here. Which best?

Last, I would also use a trainer to warm-up and warm down for races.

What do you think? What is your experience? Anything else I should consider?

Safe cycling.

elite power fluid trainers: excellent feel, easy to use, low noise, low tyre stress, the only tricky part is to uninstall your bike from it, sometimes the wheel skewer holds onto the trainer clamp p.s. the design keeps changing and improving year after year, so the price will vary greatly depending on the year of design of the unit you qoute