Inexpensive but good setup for a 2010 Specialized Tarmac S-Works? All I have is the frame.

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    I bought a 2011 S-Works Tarmac frame last September and stripped my 2010 frame of all its components (SRAM red and all carbon fiber parts). I was going to sell the 2010 frame but my brother in law started riding and has really taken to it. So I thought I would just give it to him and let him build it up. He doesn't want to spend $1000's on the bike but ideally $800-1200, the lower the better. He just wants the bike for routine rides and group rides. He bought an aluminum bike with carbon fork and is ready to jump to full carbon. Can anyone suggest a good setup and estimate on prices of each component and possibly an inexpensive source besides Ebay to order from? He needs everything from the wheels to the seat and stem to the components to the handlebar. He could strip parts from his Motobecane if it helps keep the costs down or he could try to sell and use the money towards the upgrade of the Tarmac:

    Frame Kinesis Double Butted 7K Series Aluminum, 2xH2O mounts, replaceable rear derailleur hanger Fork Kinesis StraightBlade 12K CARBON Fiber 1.125 inch steerer Crankset FSA Vero Aluminum, triple ring 50/39/30T BottomBracket/ Headset Sealed cartridge BB / Cane Creek 1.125" Threadless headset Pedals BONUS Clipless Road pedals (fits two-bolt sole pattern shoes) Front Derailleur Shimano Tiagra for triple Rear Derailleur Shimano Tiagra RD4500 (27 gears total) Shifters Shimano Sora STI 9speed (27 gears total)(integrated with brake levers) Cassette/Freewheel Shimano HG 12-25T 9 speed (27 gears total) Chain KMC Z9000 SuperNarrow 9spd Hubs ZeroLite by XRP COMP Vuelta, forged aluminum, Contact Labyrinth Sealed Ball Bearings and Quick Release front and rear Spokes Stainless Steel, black finish Rims ZeroLite by XRP COMP Vuelta, 6061T6 Double Wall aluminum with machined brake track Tires Continental UltraSport High pressure road 700c, presta valve tubes Brakes Tektro Aluminum black finish Brake Levers Shimano (integrated with shift levers) Handlebar SKYE Aluminum alloy black Stem SKYE Aluminum alloy threadless Tape/Grip Black cork Saddle SKYE Racing Seat Post SKYE Aluminum alloy Micro Adjust 27.2mm Seat Clamp Machined Aluminum Alloy with bolt
    He weights ~205 lbs and has the physique of a bodybuilder so the difference between a 14 or 17 lbs bike isn't that big of a deal to him. Obviously he would like to keep the weight down but the costs is the greatest factor. He wants me to just sell the frame and he will buy a new bike for around $1200 but I told him why not just apply that money to setting up my old frame and fork. This is what he is starting with (minus the seat post):
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Much to consider ...
    You didn't say how many miles/much use his current component group has. Important for determining the cost of maintaining it - new rings, new cassette, pulley wheels, etc - vs. buying new. If you or he can't fully build out the S-Works, figure $100+ for build/tune. Also consider shipping costs for non-local purchases, which will play a part in the $1,200 limit. (vs. a $1,200 bike local and paying sales tax)

    If you aren't considering eBay, then where you and he live will be important. High population areas - Cali, NY, IL, etc - where the market is more competitive, but higher volume will allow shops to survive on lower margins. Independent shops are families trying to put food on the table, edcuate kids, etc. and run a shop - not an easy task. Some shops seek volume that they don't have locally by selling on eBay. Manufacturers tightly control what an authorized dealer can and can't do via Internet.
    Unless you BiL wants to move fron 9sp to 10sp, then he really isn't going to gain a huge amount of performance from a component swap (assuming his current gruppo is in good condition). Maybe punt the Sora shifters for Tiagra to combine upshift/downshift while in the drops.. Current wheels set meh. Probaly could build out a nice wheelset - lighter and smoother hubs - if he swaps over current components. I'm not a fan of sticking an alu post in a carbon frame, but many do without problems.

    Building to a price is such a wide target - especially under $1,000. What do you/he value most, because a 105 component group for example lists at $900+, so that leaves little for wheels and rest of components. The other option is to search for a complete bike on closeout with the components/wheelset he wants and swap over. That way you don't have to worry about frame size, etc - just what comes on it. Without eBay, that's probably the least expensive way to source a full upgrade to what he has now. Lots of alu frame bikes with Shimano 105 level components for $1,200. Wheelsets are a mixed bag at that level with regard to how much preformance he'll get vs. his current wheelset.

    I was just helping a friend who wants an S-Works. 2011 frames are going for around $1,800 -$2,000 (his size). 2010 and older are stuggling to pull $1,500 for completed auctions. Less for used frames. Subtract 12% and that's what the seller is getting out of it.

    Good luck with the project!