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I was sat in the foyer of my better half's employer yesterday, The Government, leafing though
various bits of paper that they churn out. One such was a leaflet promoting Leg-It! Day ( --- use the file name to avoid the Flash intro) This seems to be a
north-east initiative to promote walking and cycling to work. The day itself is the 12th of June. I
assumed this co-incided with (national) Bike2Work day, but it would seem that BikeWeek is the

Now, I like to use these opportunities to go to work on my bike, the whole way rather than the
mixed-mode I do at the moment, which since moving is near enough 5 hours of riding.

So, do I do the 12th and a day the following week or just one of the days? Bearing in mind I have a
mountain marathon over the intervening weekend I may be in no fit state for the latter and fairly
cautious on the former.

It seems to me that there is a lot of duplication between national and local initiatives. Wouldn't
it be better to have a single well coordinated week with both national and local initiatives
benefiting from cross-promotion? Or, will the two consecutive weeks be more of a spur to those
reluctant cycle commuters?

Not open for further replies.