Inner-Frame Cable Guides?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by san_gabriel, Jan 20, 2008.

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    I have a Klein Quantum Race road bike that I bought used. The derailleur cables and rear brake cable run through the inside of the frame, but there are no guide tubes within the frame, so I have to snake the cable into the frame and fish around until I get lucky enough to find the opening on the opposite side. Is there a way to install cable guides inside my frame? If not, are there tricks that will make this experience less frustrating?

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    Don't know if that 's either wise or possible. The cable casings all seems to gather enough gunk eventually to interfere with the motion of the cable. Sounds like replacing one problem with another to me.

    I've read a recommendation to feed some sewing thread into the frame while holding a vacuum cleaner at the other opening. After the sewing thread has made it through you can tie the wire to it and use it as a guide.
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    Yes -- I've used a loop that I made from a length of "old" derailleur cable -- but, you can certainly use some single-strand copper wire (~20 gauge) ... heck, you may be able to do this with some kite/yo-yo twine OR possibly even "dental" floss ... use what is handy [e.g., one of the old cables you just removed!] -- that I put into the "exit" hole of the frame tube to "catch" the end of the housing as it passes near the hole ...

    That is, insert the loop so that it (almost?) matches the inner diameter of the tube, push the "new" cable housing through beyond where the exit hole is, pull the loop to the hole, back the housing out so that the tip of the housing is at the opening, and pull the housing through the hole using the loop as you simultaneously push the housing "forward" ...

    Of course, if the housing doesn't go all the way through, use the loop to catch the "new" cable, itself ... but, on those frames with internal routing (I have not worked on a KLEIN) where the housing is divided into two pieces (front & rear), the cable usually feeds through its own internal channel.

    OPTIONAL. Measure & "mark" the housing with a piece of masking tape about an inch beyond the actual length you think you need to reach the exit hole so you will know about how far you need to push the housing into the frame.

    Hope that makes sense ... and, helps.