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  1. I want to upgrade my tire to a Maxxis Hookworm 24" X 2.5", but i cannot
    find the inner tube to match its dimensions! I'm concerned that the
    incorrect size tube will end in an accident or something bad. The
    closest size i found was the Duro 24"X 2.6" inner tube at Please advise me on this matter. Should i get this tube
    and end my search or continue searching for a tube that would fit this
    tire exactly?

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    unixtc wrote:
    > *Check your local bike store and buy a 24 x 3" IRC Downhill tire.
    > No need to go to the site for that! *

    I think you'll find that's a very different tyre you're talking about.
    One being downhill and knobbly, the other being a smooth slick.

    Inner tube sizes don't have to match exactly. A 24x2.6" inner tube will
    be fine, but you probably don't need something that serious unless
    you're riding serious off-road downhill or intending to run a very low
    pressure and ride stairs on it. You probably just want a normal 24"
    inner tube, like you'd put in the tyre you've currently got.


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    You can use a smaller tube than called for, but, if you use a larger one
    there will be folds when it's inflated which -*will*- develop leaks.
    Personal experience with car tires/tubes (tyres/toobs ;)). Consider
    that some people are using 29" tubes on Cokers. A 2.5 to a 2.6 -*may*-
    be close enough that there won't be a problem.

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    Inner tube size doesn't have to match the tire size exactly. The main
    thing is to use the same diameter. I'm using a 24x2.5 tube in my 24x3.0
    tire right now and I don't have any problems with it.

    There's one unicyclist who is even using a 29 inch tube in a 36 inch

    For the hookworm, I don't think you will need the Duro tube. That tube
    is a Down hill tube and is extremely thick and heavy. Go to your local
    bike shop and pickup a standard 24 inch tube. Anything from a 2.2 inch
    to 2.6 inch should be fine.


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