Innertubes and Patches

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So, my question is, do you think it's essential to install and inflate a freshly-patched tube right away, so the patch is forced against the tire while it "cures"?
That's an interesting question, I can't remember if I ever put a glueless patch on a tube without installing it afterwards. I almost 100% of the time fix a flat on the road with a patch and not resort to the spare tube unless the tube is unrepairable.

I will take an old tube later tonight and put a hole into it, patch it, then install it a week from today...sorry for so long but I need to be out of country for 4 or 5 maybe 6 days, but this will allow the patch to either fail or succeed in a real life manner.

Edit: I forgot that the tube in my seat bag is indeed patched and never installed afterwards...I'm brain dead. Anyway, I put the tube in a tire and installed it on a rim today and it held up fine after I'm not sure how long it was in the seat bag after it was patched.