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  1. The following is an excerpt of a post I made. References to big delta and
    little delta follow in terms of the link to DSNLS. References to reverse
    signal appear at:

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    > Hello groups,
    > This occured to me a number of years ago, it was a page of unrelated
    inspiration that I let stay in my 'big bag of mathematics' from which I have been able to factor one
    or two useful equations. In this message I introduce the philosophical question of whether its right
    to remove a virus from existence.
    > What does viral inteligence mean? It means that people can affect change
    based on their memories. So I have recently figured out that the bound horizontal hysteresis of a
    normalized matter space would look like a bound horizontal hysteresis curve offset on the x axis so
    that its convergence could be related to its divergence by letting a small section of the curve
    protrude through the y-axis ****parallel**** to the x-axis (convergence characteristic, little
    delta) to a specific section ****parallel**** to its y
    > -axis (divergence characteristic, big delta). Bound hysterisis means
    hysteresis that is limited at its corners. This based on the fact that hysteresis is similar to
    memory. The goal is to normalize the hysterisis in terms of both characteristics in terms of a
    specific memory (standard deviation). Now, taking this line of research into the future, I
    discovered the Gaussian elimination was at the root of the match matroid I developed. I also
    discovered similarity to the Fourier and wavelet matrices in its
    > arrangement of terms.
    > Thus, in reference to the rough Relativity section in:
    > It is possible this hysterisis could be cancelled in terms of some
    ****memory**** and a fluctuating magnetic flux. First the flux must be normalized as the initial. It
    can be figured that in order for this 'purification' to work, the elimination could also serve a
    dual purpose in the travelling salesman algorithm problem of the polar TSPA I have developed in
    rough form in conjuntion with a pal at the Digital Philosophy group. The key is that by the law of
    cosines, we could develop a time dependent, variable location version of this algorithm to serve as
    an effective dynamic mapping determinant, that by its iteration of the related magnetic flux, one
    could easily formulate an a Laplacian time variance, effectively a non-linear time for a linearized
    (normalized, see link) matter-space of a specific little-delta (hysteresis of the membranes we're
    looking for). From this we could formulate the big-delta in terms of the iterative variance in the
    magnetic field so that it the such hysterisis could be calculated and canceled by the gaussian
    elimination of its TSP algorithm by the reverse signal, in terms of the little delta of its
    relativistic big-delta (see link). Similar to MRI i guess.
    Note the time of the cell in question should ideally be clocked to find little delta, and it would
    help if there was an eeg reading to hone in on the subject's memory of aquiring the virus, that
    would give us a lower deviation.

    Also thoughts of cancer, note the hysteresis curve is bound and thus sheds much of its upper
    harmonics in the process, maybe another infinite step response filter to the variance coming in.
    > Now here comes the elimination question, is it the virus that's eliminated
    or the atoms of its composition? Is it right to eliminate the virus throughout the universe? Is it
    the gaussian elimination of the mebrane or its elements? If so, then we must develop a five-
    dimensional membrane of virtual particles around the hysterisis in terms of a much higher flux. This
    means that in the cancellation phase of this device the irregular orbit of an electron could
    determine a virtual photon that consistent through
    > out the five dimensional universe would be modulated to remove all
    membranes of a specific composition from existence. In this case its the elements that must be
    resolved by the little delta, however this is consistent with the theory of five-dimensional space
    that four-dimensions are surrounded by a five dimensional membrane of virtual space, thus the five
    dimensional interaction must be factored in terms of a TSP of the molecules of the membrane, which
    would we virtually consistent throughout the entire
    > four dimensional space (universe) in terms of an atomic reduction.
    " -cheers PM