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Am looking to buy bikes for me & my significant other in Manhattan.
We're not hardcore cyclists, but want to tool around Central Park, the
greenway along the Hudson River, go thru some parks where there are bike
or dirt paths, do some moderate cycling trips, etc. We're not looking to
replace Lance Armstrong, so ultra lightweight/maximum performance/speed
is not of concern, but rather a hybrid bike w/decent performance,
comfort, durability & price.

I've done some prelim research about a few bikes on various standard
websites, e.g., manufacturers,;;;;; etc. Also, since I wasn't sure which
newgroups would be best to post this to, it's been crossposted to
rec.bicycles.marketplace, nyc.bicycles & rec.bicycles.misc, so plz
forgive the repetition if you read multiple NGs.

Have test ridden some of the bikes below, & have read various things
about them online, from newsgroup archives, etc. Here's a listing of
those being considered, along w/the prices quoted. I assume there are
women's versions of them all.

* Trek - 7000 ($250), 7100, 7300 ($369)
* Gary Fisher - Tiburon ($340)
* Bianchi - Avenue ($329)
* Jamis - Citizen ($299)

I'm curious if anyone has any opinions about which they'd lean towards,
if anyone has anything to say about a particular model or brand (bad or
good), etc.

We'd like to keep this to $400 or under. [I did test ride a Cannondale
400, which seemed great, but was $550. I also saw the Bianchi Advantage,
which was highly recommended, but that was $529.]. And for the lady's
bike, the price closer to the lower end of the spectrum is probably the

We both like the idea of some suspension, which the Avenue doesn't have.
As I recall, the Jamis had fully adjustable handlebars, unlike the
Bianchis; don't know about the Treks or the Gary Fisher.
Q: Is this a feature that should sway one significantly in the decision?

Q: I'd greatly appreciate opinions on any of the under-$400 bikes in the
list above.

Q: I'd also appreciate being steered towards any websites/sources that
you've found especially useful in making buying decisions.

If in replying you'd also also send it to my direct e-mail, I'd be grateful.

T[very much]IA,
My GF just bought a trek 7100 for about $309 with upgraded components
and suspension fork. Whenever buying a bike try bikes in the range you
want to pay. Then ride some a bit higher priced. You may find the ride
is well worth another $50 or so!!!

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