Installed the new 9 spd 11-34 cassette

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Flatbardave, Dec 29, 2015.

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    Is that a real question?

    For the moment, let's suppose that it is.

    Of course, there is a long answer and a short answer ...
    The short answer is that cyclintom is apparently a Troll who wants to hijack the thread ...​

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    One of the few components that you should buy in the upper level catagory are Shimano SPD's XT or XTR are made so that the side pulls are so light that it's almost like stepping off of a flat pedal. The majority of accidents for beginners is the twisting out of clip-in pedals.

    And this is why the accident rate in Europe is so low despite the massive use of bicycles as transportation. With flat pedals you instinctively put a food down with no delay between thought and action. With clip-ons or worse, toe clips and straps, there is a delay between realization that you have to put a foot down and the action.

    Not only are bicycles the cheapest form of transportation capable of long distance travel but they are also the safest despite the number of moronic car drivers that should be ripped from their cars, their licenses removed and set afoot. But after awhile even the jerks on the road become little more than the background noise no more of a problem than the pot holes and cracks in the pavement. But it would be nice if a cop watching this happen would ticket the offender.
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    Got a pair of shimano SPD shoes & a530 pedals
    These ok , i did adjust them lighter after the dead turtle roll
    Hope just a few more non moving wrecks will engage the brain to unclip before stopping