installing Tektro Auriga Comp on Trek 6500


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Feb 14, 2008
Hi everyone.
I have a 2006 Trek 6500, and I am thinking of installing Tektro Auriga Comp disc (hydraulic) brakes I can buy from LBS from about $150 (both of them).
My bike already has disc compatible hubs.
I have been reading the installing manual and it doesn't seem complicated... but is it really that easy for someone who never installed a disc brake?
I have already done some mechanical work on my bike but nothing advanced, and I have an idea about how an hydraulic disc works.

Is it a good idea for me to install it (assuming I have the right torx and hex tools), or will I end up with oil spilled all over the place?

The other question is specific about the bike. It has a Manitou Axel black fork (which I think it has post mount), and the frame I don't really know which mount it has. Is it compatible with my frame and fork?
In case it is, how do I route the cable through the bike?

This is the bike I have:

This is the disc brake:

This is the Tektro Auriga Comp disc manual:

So, what do you think?