Institutionalised law-breaking using bikes - anarchy is near at hand



Silas Denyer ([email protected]) gurgled happily, sounding much
like they were saying :

> Yes, near Ambleside in Cumbria in 1986. I was clocked at over 30mph by
> a police officer and stopped and "let off with a warning" for
> exceeding the speed limit. I wasn't aware that the offense didn't
> exist, and neither - clearly - was the office concerned.
> For reference, I was coming down Kirkstone pass, and was undoubtedly
> riding "furiously" and not being altogether sensible, but the offense
> offered by the officer was definitely that of exceeding the speed
> limit.

Umm, isn't that NSL? I certainly don't recall streetlights or 30 repeaters
all over the middle of nowhere...