instructions on free apple ipod


Have you guys heard about this Free IPOD offer going on. I read about
it on another forum and it actually is legit.

Well I looked into it very carefully because well I don't feel like
getting scammed.

What you do is copy & paste the link below:

Then, you have to accept one offer and then get five other to do the
same thing to get an IPOD!

Now, when you sign up it asks you to do a survery with Ads and such,
just say no to each. It then says that you have to sign up for one of
the six available offers.

For the offers you are signing up for is a free trial so there
is no possible way they can charge you anything unless you don't
cancel. Or you could sign up for a free credit card and just cancel

After that, you have to refer 5 people to complete the process, then
Apple gets an order for you to get a I-pod!
try it,