Instrumentation: anyone any comments on these?

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    > Peter Clinch <[email protected]> writes:
    > > Which is quite possibly enough to make it "digital", since "digital"
    > > often means marketing speak for inferring "super cool cutting edge very
    > > good technology" these days.

    > You're 30 years out of date.

    And going in the wrong direction, too. Nowaday most digital devices are being
    redesigned to mimic analogue. Manufacturers are now starting to make watches
    where the second hand sweeps instead of stepping, for example.

    > The original Hitchhikers Guide sent that up back in the 1970s.

    Troll for Guy, but he's in London and not reading news this week.
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  2. sdorrity wrote:

    > Just to put a spanner in the works I am a British Citizen (According
    > to my Passport) but am not a resident nor were born in Great Britain
    > NOR Northern Ireland. As a pure Guernseyman I am not entitled to
    > reside and work in the EU, BUT can reside and work in the UK.

    Further to confuse things, Dr. Larrington (my sister) was once obliged to
    renew her passport while residing in Tokyo. She was concerned to note that
    the new one did not bear the line "Holder has right of abode in the United
    Kingdom", leading to the worry that this, in combination with the line
    "Place of birth: Tripoli" would see her deported to Libya or slung into gaol
    as a terrorist on her return to Blighty. Fortunately the Immigration bods
    didn't notice, and she contrived to acquire a new one, with the right of
    abode intact, with all possible haste.

    She doesn't have a bicycle any more.


    Dave Larrington -
    Editor - British Human Power Club Newsletter
  3. > - plutocrats only.

    But slim ones.
  4. Has anyone got any experience of the Oregon Scientific RP109
    Outbreaker Heart Rate Monitor for Cyclists (see For £160
    it seems to come with all the whistles and bells you could want. The
    cheapo HRM I've got from Oregon Scientific seems to do its job very
    well so I see no reason why this shouldn't do what it says on tin.